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 I don't really have a title... but please read on...

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Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

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PostSubject: I don't really have a title... but please read on...   Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:45 pm

man, I don't know where to really start this off, but I will give it a whirl...

back in 2010 (yeah, I was late to the TGA party), I was reading an issue of Rolling Stone and came across a small article about a band called the Gaslight Anthem and their new album, American Slang. †the thing that caught my eye about this band was that they were based in New Brunswick, NJ, which butts up against the town that my mom is from (South River) and I had visited the area a lot when I was a kid, given that my grandparents still lived there. †I didn't think too much else about the band until I got an email from Ticketmaster about upcoming shows in my area and TGA was one of them, playing at a shithole called Pop's in Sauget, IL. †I figured that this was some sort of a sign, so I scoured the internet for a sample of their music. †I was able to find the song American Slang... and man, was I hooked... and I mean HOOKED. †I bought up all the music I could from them at that time and tickets to the show. †mind you, I was 37 years old at the time, and the last band that really grabbed me like that was Soundgarden, in 1989! †music has always been a big part of my life, ever since that first cassette copy of Pyromania by Def Leppard in late grade school. †and at age 37, I decided to start following a band... anywhere within 5 hours or so, with the exception of Chicago, I would try and hit (I live about 20 minutes east of St. Louis, MO).

So, fast forward 6 years and 6 shows plus one Brian Fallon solo show... and the "hiatus". †the other morning I had an experience that inspired me to write this, just to get it off my chest. †I am genuinely heartbroken that this band won't be putting out any more music, at least not in the foreseeable future. †I talked to Danny, the merch guy (more on him later) at the Fallon solo show, and he said that there has been no mention of Gaslight, as a group, since the hiatus was announced. †Benny has another project, and damn is he a fabulous drummer... Alex ("Elvis Alex" as my stoner buddy calls him) is busy with his barber stuff and clothing... Brian seems happy with what he is doing now. †anyway, I was on the internet, looking for reviews of Springsteen's new autobiography, and I was drawn to youtube. †Decided to look up some Springsteen/TGA videos- watched Bruce join them onstage at the Stone Pony to sing American Slang (still gives me goose bumps whenever I watch it), Bruce joining them for The '59 Sound, and Brian joining Bruce for "No Surrender". †and when it occurred to me that I would possibly... most likely... never see those 4 guys together, on stage, ever again... I honestly felt like crying. †and I still have that feeling as I write this...

don't get me wrong, I have a ton of fond memories of the 6 shows that I was lucky enough to see...

meeting Benny at the bar in Lawrence, KS and telling him where I was from... and we talked about Pop's... and he asked me, "Do people get shot down there?". †Yeah, Benny, they sure do. †more than any of us from around here like to talk about.

finally meeting Brian outside at the solo gig this year in St. Louis, trying to not be "that guy", a fanboy who gushes over an artist... don't remember how well that part went Very Happy

the last few shows, Danny (again, the merch guy) has gotten a complimentary double shot of Jameson from me every time. †he's the man... my buddy... first met him at a show in Indianapolis in 2010. †what a cool dude, always up for a good bullshit session. †plus he's a hockey guy, right up my alley.

hell, the last time I saw them at Pop's, I took my wife, my mom's boyfriend who was 66 years old at the time, my best friend, and my stoner buddy. †real mixed crowd at that table that night. †the highlight of that show was them playing "Mae" to open (such a powerful song) and "Astro Zombies" by the Misfits towards the end.

the show in Nashville kinda sucked because the lights were nuts and there was zero seating at the venue, seemingly an old, converted warehouse.

I really don't have a summary moment for this page... I think if you have made it reading this far, you understand where I am coming from. †guess I will just have to be happy with the music that they put out, and enjoy the memories. †I am proud to have introduced the band to a number of my friends, who absolutely love them too... but not quite as much as I do.

i'm out... cheers
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A Contender
A Contender

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PostSubject: Re: I don't really have a title... but please read on...   Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:34 pm

I'm like you, man... also from NJ (grew up around Clinton and now in Bloomfield, and in Asbury whenever possible) and late to the game with TGA (first show was that same tour, but in Philly) and it was a total accident (I was there to see the middle act, Chamberlain). †I've managed to see them six times and catch Brian four times on this solo tour.

I'm holding out hope. †In the one of the last few interviews Brian said there would likely be another solo record first, but that--assuming he's in ANY band--it would be TGA. †Will it be the exact same line-up? Can't say, but as the song goes, I think "it ain't over yet".

That is cool that you got to meet up... I'm hoping for December at the Crossroads show.
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The '59 Sound
The '59 Sound

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PostSubject: Re: I don't really have a title... but please read on...   Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:30 pm

thanks for sharing! There is hope for another Gaslight record! the following quote it taking from a recent interview of Brian

Quote :
Q: What will happen next for you, another solo record, a Gaslight Anthem record, or another project, like Molly & the Zombies and the Horrible Crowes?

A: Iíll probably do another solo record. I wonít be doing any new bands now because I think my plate is full for good. So Iíll probably do solo or Gaslight. Right now, I have no plans, but thereís a 100 percent possibility in the future of doing another (Gaslight) record. Weíre still on Island. I tend to stick with the same people.
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A Contender
A Contender

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PostSubject: Re: I don't really have a title... but please read on...   Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:26 pm

your story is so cool!!! I love it!!! and the pics look amazing Smile Danny IS the man indeed, so sweet and nice. everyone, honestly. I have yet to meet someone in that circle that is not nice and attentive.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't really have a title... but please read on...   

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I don't really have a title... but please read on...
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