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 Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock

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PostSubject: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:26 pm

So as I already said it earlier, I got the chance to interview Brian 10 days ago for Daily Rock Magazine where I write.

It was really great, he's a cool and interessting guy. My microphone was off for the 4 firsts questions, so they're not written here. (yes I know, next time I'll check two times!)

If there are any french speaking people here, here's the link for the interview translated in french on Daily Rock Magazine: http://www.daily-rock.com/interview-brian-fallon-m4music-painkillers

And the original version:

What will happen will The Horrible Crowes and Molly and the Zombies now that you are touring solo?

Iím gonna do under my own name. If I decided to do another Horrible Crowes record I would just do it under my own name and it would still be the same. With too many bands itís hard to separate them, because if you do an Horrible Crowes tour you can only do some Horrible Crowes songs and itís too hard so I figured it would be easier to be just Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon and thatís it. Thatís why I named it ďand the crowesĒ. And Molly and the Zombies was just supposed to be a temporary thing, it wasnít ever supposed to be a long live project.

Are you tired of people asking you if The Gaslight Anthem are ever gonna do another album together?

No, I think that people are curious. But right now, I just donít know. The option is always there, I can definitely see it happening for sure, like weíre not broken up. I think it would be a couple of year through, I do, I donít think itís gonna be like five minutes. You know thatís what I wish that people would get, like just give it a break for five minutes, it needs a couple of years to get re-energised. We all wanna do other stuffs during this time, just let it breathe a little. I think that itís not a bad thing, itís good. It just makes a better band you know?

Yes I get it, but I listened to a few interview you had, and you always get this question like ďare you breaking up?ĒÖ

Yes, I feel like we explained it pretty well. Weíre not breaking up, itís just a break. That why I donít do too many Gaslight songs ever in the show because the bandís not broken up. If it was broken up, you know like Morrisey, he does Smiths songs, but thatís because theyíre broken up theyíre not gonna play them again, thatís why he does them. Itís the same with Noel Gallagher, he does Oasisí songs because theyíre broken up, theyíre not gonna play again. But Iím not gonna play these songs because itís the guys and me. I would do an acoustic version just for fun. But thatís more to honor the band, to say that I still remember this, itís still important to me and that itís not a bad thing and itís ok. No one got in a fight, weíre not mad at each other. We just donít have any ideas. We did so many records so quick, you just donít know whatís going on next, plus rock music isnít very popular right now and I wouldnít want a record to get lost in the shuffle because it wasnít Ö that would be terrible if it got lost! But mainly the idea is that we donít have any ideas. I donít have any Ideas.

You said in an interview that you regret your tattoos (Kids interview bands) and I saw on Instagram that you just recovered one.

I think that regret is a tough word. I donít think I regret them, I just think that I wouldnít have done them if I started over. But what Iím doing now is just that Iím kind of covering the ones that I really donít like, the ones that I donít think are done that great or maybe donít mean anyting to me anymore. So Iím kind of redoing the pictures, but itís tough because I have to do a lot of black work so it takes a really skilled tattoo artist, which I found a lot in Germany. Thereís a lot of great tattoo artists in Germany. So everytime I go to Germany I try to get one. But itís just a personal thing, I donít hate my tattoos, I just think that I wouldnít do them again. But now that Iíve got them, I think that I should make them the best that I can.

And you said that you never encourage someone to get a tattoo. If someone told you that heís planning to get a tattoo, what would you say?

It depends on who it is. If itís my family, am I caution them? Are you gonna like this in twenty years? Do you wanna be a hundred with that tattoo? But as far as regular tattoos, thatís their choice. I try not to get involved in anything thatís someone elseís choice, unless I think it might hurt them.

A lot of fans get Gaslight Anthem tattoos. Have you already seen them, what do you think about it? Is it weird to see you words tattooed on someone elseís skin?

No I think itís cool, I think itís really cool! Thatís like the highest compliment you can get, I think itís awesome. When I started getting tattoos I got a lot of bands tattoos and actually these are the ones that I wouldnít cover. My first tattoo ever was a Boucing Soul tattoo and I would never cover that up, that was hardcore man, I believed in that and I still love the Bouncing Souls and hardcore music. Those bands shaped my life and my writing and all that stuff you know. I never get a Bob Dylan tattoo. I should probably get a Bob Dylan tattoo?

You should!
No matter the stories of your songs, there is always a message that comes up, something like donít give up, keep the faith. Am I right?

Yes, because I donít want people to lose hope. I did a lot of depression in my twenties and in my thirties and anxiety, and I just want to encourage people that itís not as bad as you think and there is always a way out. So donít give up.

So you say it to the people who listen to your music, but do you say it to yourself too when you sing it?

Yes, oh sure! Always, itís always a message to yourself. Every song ever is a message to yourself.

Would you like to try some other kind of music?

Yes! I have always wanted to do a gospel album but not necessarly like religious, just like that style. There is a great English band called the Soul Savers and they did a song with Mark Lanegan and it was called ďRevivalĒ and I thought that was a great song. It was kind of drum loops and sampled music, ethereal and gentle and strings and pianosÖ †but it also had that gospel feeling you know, like Tom Waits when he has that gospel thing. I love that. Iíd like to do a strictly folk record, just acoustic with drums and base and piano and thatís it. Iíd love to do a lot of different music. I hope I get the chance.

Last question: name tree things you coulnít live without.

Probably my familyÖ I try not to get attached to things, like things you know? So thereís nothing that I own that I feel I couldnít live without. I try to stay in a state of non-possession. Iím just not into possession, I like things, I own and buy things, but I donít get attached to them. Iím not very sentimental with things. Iím more sentimental with people, there are some people I think I would have a hard time living without like your friends and your loved ones but not possessions. I think that it would be a better world if people didnít hold on to their possessions so much.

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The Navesink Banks
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PostSubject: Re: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:51 pm

Great stuff.
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The '59 Sound
The '59 Sound

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PostSubject: Re: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:33 pm

great interview
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First Among Equals
First Among Equals

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PostSubject: Re: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:19 am

Very nice! Love his answer to the last question.

twitter / instagram / youtube / last.fm

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A Contender
A Contender

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PostSubject: Re: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:17 am

Love this.
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PostSubject: Re: Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock   

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Me interviewing Brian Fallon for Daily Rock
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