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 Poems and hello from Hungary

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the ghost of sam cooke
Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

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PostSubject: Poems and hello from Hungary   Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:29 pm

Hey everyone,

my name is BŠlint, I was introduced to Gaslight by my best friend in 2008, and I've been a fan ever since. I'm from Zuglů, the most New Jersey-ish district of Hungary's capital. I've been writing rhymes since I was 9, so the best way to introduce myself is to show you some of my English poems, hope you like them! I've learned a lot from my favourite singer-songwriters (Brian Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Leonard Cohen, Ben Harper), and I did my best to avoid becoming a copycat. I'd love to hear what you think, any comments are welcome!

Glad to be here, have a nice day!

Otis Redding, you give me the blues

some sugar
a wee sip of milk
Smokey sound silence
gray lips of silk
cover my face
with dissolving kisses
This is my place
She is my Mrs.
whispering wishes
through the echoes
of chatter
She is the one
I shouldn't have
met her

she won't return
the years that I lent her
Read these thoughts
my mind is for
rent, girl

Aging beer stain
bored on the couch
Stand strong
in sheer vain
but I'm bound
to crouch
under the weight
of my vacant heart
Cold meals of truth
overfeeding my art

But this song
won't return
the hours I lent her
Read between the lines
my mind is for
rent, girl

Cheeks and wine
crimson from
date stress
Windows in love
with the smoking
Will anyone notice
I give before
Can't set them apart
like Otis
and Redding

Until you run out of matches

I tried to count all the nights I spent alone
but stopped since silence says more
than numbers
A woman's a needle, a dream's a balloon,
but the air itself is full of wonders

So unless you hold me I'll walk on thin air
Eat my words while growing thinner
Hope's my coffee, grief's my dinner
You need me like a book a sinner

I tried to count all the cigarettes I smoked,
but then instead just bought a hard pack
to slow down the blood for a heart that
beats way too fast on my sleeve

We'll never arrive, be ready to leave
and burn until you run out of matches
I stir my coffee, the tobacco catches on fire
It never clears, the smoke is a liar

So unless you hold me I'll walk on thin air
Eat my words while growing thinner
Hope's my coffee, grief's my dinner
You need me like a book a sinner

And morning came

White flags wave to independence
on the marble arch of the fourth of July
Drew first blood in the last dance
Oh, how I wish I knew that you lied
about waltzing through wars with a hallelujah
But you don't care for music, do you?

My open arms a broken throne
and your crown of brass just lacks the queen
Fooled me with your golden tone
and left me drags of self-esteem
to kneel down before your hallelujah
But if I did, what's it to you?

A dove's holy ashes sink into tar
to become a dueling pistol for lovers
and cut the chords of a singing guitar
A queen's a woman without followers
and my tongue is tied without your hallelujah
Baby, how I thought I knew you

I pray every night to the Lord of Song
to lift my spirit and free your mind
Your heart is deaf, my soul is wrong
How could I have been so blind
when I saw your moonlight shine like hallelujah
and morning came and overthrew you

cell phone diaries

Are you hiding on the backstreets,
like a hero from a Springsteen song?
I can't recall my last dreams,
but it must've been you,
I can't be wrong.

Are your evenings bright and solitary,
watchin' a movie, smokin' like Bogart?
I'm too young, babe, to be weary,
and I age with each tick
louder than your heart.

Are you wandering in cathedrals of vanity,
praying for rags to cover the holes?
It's a symmetric insanity:
what makes them empty,
fills up their souls.

Sugar, are your bones made of irony,
is your skin thick like Brando's leather?
Love's a getaway car,
so why don't we go for a ride,
once and forever?

The more I know of love

Monochrome mornings and a chain smoker's lungs
make me feel like a private detective
Following crooks to whom my heart belongs
knowing that angels are always deceptive

You're my highway on these dark noir nights
the engine roars like a rock and roll anthem
If one of us left, we wouldn't take no rights
with the handbrake on, an interstate phantom

I've become a man despite Kitty Collins
she was singing of love, her voice Ava Gardner's
But the devil was behind her pretty callings
and I was double-crossed by my own partners

4 AM coffee at a small town gas station
the radio says someone got shot
and out of the grief a sudden sensation
you'll bring it on home to rewrite the plot

I haven't quit drinking to get a wider view
on unsolved cases and bloodstained files
Concrete lips in a ride powder blue
dark descended at broad daylight

Waves of hangover down at the pier
reading your letter by a postcard sunset
You used to say it's a bliss to disappear
so bring on your curse, and someday come back


Drinking words and vodka shots
Funny we met in a bathroom
On the walls were dancing polka dots
And the night turned into black glue

I donít know where you are tonight
But remembering takes me there
Iíve never trusted whatís too bright
So letís forget in case we care

I woke up with the worst hangover
The doors were creaking songs I knew
Love comes second, Iíll first let go girl
But your eyes are true and so bright blue

You were reading Hungarian similes
And as the mood was constantly changing
Iíve learned that itís the silence that reveals
Making small talk more engaging

Maybe the meat wasnít even chicken
And the chef was chirping Tetris tunes
On that cheap plastic chair, you shone like a beacon
And then I noticed where bliss blooms

Iíll carry on if you leave tomorrow
Keep travelling with empty bags
Iíve never felt free to steal or borrow
From the ghosts that lurk in every past

I wonder if it was love that we made
Out of awaited coincidences
Itís a matter of truth how we relate
To another heart as it solidly dances


Doll, I was frozen for
playing with moonlight
but my reflection melted
through the ice
I just let go whatís been too tight
Now I close my eyes when we roll the dice

If you were a song, babe,
Iíd put you on repeat
And if this was a book,
Iíd keep it by my bedside
We wonít always get what we need
But we might rise up in a landslide

Darling, Iíve never met
anyone so selfless
Youíre like the friendship
of a cat and an owl
If you played house,
I could be your last guest
ĎCause that cats and owls
can get along

Baby, I swear itís been years
since Iíve opened a bottle of wine
Solitary men live like lone wolves
But it takes two to be
one of a kind
And weíve met in this cycle
with no pause

Honey, youíre so sweet
like a birthday cake
and the only thing sour
is the lemon in your tea
Sails take you away, but first they break
And now Iím prepared for weathering
your sea

Sugar, these tattoos colored
my curses
But Iíve longed for the shade
of your aquamarine blessing
If weíre looking forward,
the blind tide reverses
And naked confessions
keep us undressing

Whatís yours is mine

My heart was a soldier
avoiding trenches
Then I was told itís not a war
Like mountaintops waiting for
We canít be saved from
wanting more

Your heart is a manger,
isnít it, Mary?
But Iím not the type
to crucify
And I might be a visionary
so if youíre using me
then use me right

My heart is a pilgrim
believing that your comet
will take me to the upper room
And thatís what Iíve
always wanted
to be sky-bound for a rendezvous

Does your heart have
a hideout
where secrets retreated
to shelter the treasure
Iíve found?
Separation was what we needed
to see the Sun with the lights out

A heart is a thief
giving whatís been taken
from storybook endings
and loversí rooms
But beliefs need to be forsaken
and itís not worth living
by othersí rules
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Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

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PostSubject: Re: Poems and hello from Hungary   Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:46 pm

Welcome BŠlint! Budapest is such a wonderful city; I studied there in 2009 and lived by Lehel Ter for nearly six months. The best concert I've ever been to was Chuck Ragan at the Durer Kert.
I admire your ability to write in English. I wouldn't dare try to write in another language myself. Do you write in Hungarian as well?
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the ghost of sam cooke
Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

Posts : 2
Join date : 2013-02-19
Age : 31
Location : Budapest, Hungary

PostSubject: Re: Poems and hello from Hungary   Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:19 pm


happy to hear that you liked Budapest, it really is a great city, though it's getting harder and harder to get by here; sometimes BP reminds of a couple of lines from Springsteen's Born to Run (baby, this town rips the bones from your back, it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap, I wanna get out while I'm still young).

What was your favourite part of the city? Have you been to the hills of Buda?

As for poems, thank you for your opinion, really appreciate it! I have tons of Hungarian stuff, been trying to publish them for years, but talent and the willingness to work hard aren't enough to reach your goal; you also have to know all the right people, moreover, you need to assimilate, repress your personality - which I'll never do. Right now, I'm working on a novel and a number of solo, not necessarily literary projects.

And what about you? What do you do for a living? Oh, and which university did you attend in Budapest?
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PostSubject: Re: Poems and hello from Hungary   

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Poems and hello from Hungary
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