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 Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!

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Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

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PostSubject: Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:11 pm

Hey TGA Army! I figure the best way to introduce myself, would be to describe my love for The Gaslight, and for Brian.

After stumbling across The Gaslight Anthem while searching for a new list of bands, I instantly fell in love with their genuine, heartland, punk, soul sound. For me, every single song tells a tale out of a part of my life. I think the song that best describes me as a person, is 'Drive'. I've always been the kind of kid that sat in the corner, trying to stay out of the spotlight. i"ve never had an interest in being that famous guy that everyone knows around the halls of high school.
Gaslight has just been that band that really spoke me. The band that I listen too day in, day out. And thats no lie.

"I'm much to young a man, to carry such a heavy head, but tonight for the first time, it felt good to be alive" I know these aren't the right words, but i had to change em a bit. For me, this one line, speaks directly to me. When I listen to 'Drive' or any TGA song, it feels like Brian is describing my life, explicitly. (but I know all of TGA Army feels this)

Annnyyywaaayyys, it's nice to see so many other true believers in this band on here. I hope to get to know all of you!

(Sink or Swim tattoo to be posted soon)
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The '59 Sound
The '59 Sound

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PostSubject: Re: Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:26 pm

Hello there nice to have you here!!
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The Navesink Banks
The Navesink Banks

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PostSubject: Re: Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:34 pm

Hey there, kid.

I'm Harbortown. You've probably noticed that I'm kind of a hot shot around these parts, I'm generally considered being the best poster on the forum.

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PostSubject: Re: Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!   

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Salute from Toronto,Canada!!!
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