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 Dommin, anyone?

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PostSubject: Dommin, anyone?   Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:55 pm

SO. Dommin is this group from LA who could probably be considered underneath the gothic rock/hard rock genre, though I really hate putting labels on bands, especially these guys, because I really don't know any band like them. They put a very heavy focus on what could probably be considered very dark romance - most of their songs have themes about relationships falling to pieces and looking for new beginnings. What I love about how THEY convey it is without seeming so very WHINY. The lyrics are really wonderful through and through, and I cannot get enough of them. If you do not know who they are, then please do look them up. Their only album at the moment is called "Love Is Gone", and they are on the label RoadRunner Records - same one as bands like DevilDriver and KoRn.

So, are there any Dommin fans out there besides me? Very Happy I would very much like to know, because their fan base is pretty minimal.

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Red In The Morning
Red In The Morning

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PostSubject: Re: Dommin, anyone?   Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:57 pm

Hah! I actually saw these guys open for HIM (girlfriend is a fan, I don't know too much by them myself) a couple of months ago. I haven't looked into them since, but we really enjoyed them. Maybe it was just the live show but they almost seemed to have a tongue-in-cheek attitude toward their lyrics and sound. Almost like Type-O-Negative in that they are very aware of what they sound like and how easy it is to make fun of. Normally, I would poke fun at a dark, broody band appearing to take themselves so seriously, but they were really enjoyable.
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Dommin, anyone?
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